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Natural Bath & Body Shop - Loofah, sea sponges, natural Greek soaps, cosmetics

- Sponges, seeds, and anything luffa/loofah related

DirectGardening.com - Offers quality seeds at great prices. Type luffa in search form.

Richters - Many unusual plant seeds. Vigorous growing luffa variety. International sales.

My Luffa store is temporarily closed. It should reopen by early February.

Please try the links above.

Luffa Seeds

These are organically grown Luffa aegyptiaca heirloom seeds grown by me. They grow very good quality loofahs with denser fiber than many homegrown varieties. The outer wall has a squeezable foamy feel. This variety came to me from a family I know in south Louisiana where they've been grown for generations.  This type grows slower than some varieties and is best suited for areas with 180 or more warm frost-free days.  The seeds are cleaned, sorted by hand, and stored in a refrigerator shortly after harvesting. Included is a printed sheet with luffa growing instructions.

Large Whole Loofahs and Loofah Sections

Luffa Soap

Luffa Soap Simple non-detergent glycerine soap with embedded luffa fibers. No scents or colors added. Made with low density loofah for moderate exfoliating. Hand made by us. Every one is unique. Each round bar weighs 4 ounces or more. Approximately 7/8" thick by 3" diameter.

When the store is open transactions take place in a secure PayPal shopping cart. Credit cards, PayPal and e-checks accepted. Your business is deeply appreciated.

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